1The first requirement for obtaining the Medical Marijuana Card for Arizona is proof of state residency. Residency can be demonstrated with the state-issued Driver's License, a state issued ID card bearing your photographic likeness, or your passport.

2Secondly, you will need to meet the state-determined prerequisites to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

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3The third requirement is a physician's medical recommendation. Many physicians are not thoroughly familiar with the benefits in use of medical marijuana. This can result in them being reluctant to recommend it for their patients. There are medical marijuana certification clinics if your personal physician is not well enough informed to be able to make the recommendation. We would be happy to direct you to any of the more reputable clinics in the area.

4Documentation is required as well, current within the preceding 12 months, establishing the existence of a qualifying condition. Your physician can provide this even if they're not prepared to write the recommendation. Licensed medical marijuana clinics can supply this documentation as well.

It's not (often) free

Medical marijuana cards usually have annual fees ranging from $200 (Minnesota/Oregon), $150 (Arizona), $100 (District of Columbia/Connecticut), $75.00 (Montana/Rhode Island), $50.00 (Massachusetts/New York/Vermont), $25.00 (Hawaii/Alaska) or as little as $0.00 (Maine/New Mexico), and require renewal. With proper documentation they can usually be issued within 7 to 10 days. Arizona will notify you 1-3 months prior to its expiration date, just like they would for your driver's license, giving you plenty of time to get it renewed. We keep track of that too for our clients, just to be certain.

If you need to use a clinic to obtain your documentation, please ask us for a recommendation since our clients are entitled to a discount with selected clinics. Those on the nutritional assistance program for their state often qualify for up to a 50% discount on their card fee. We will help you obtain your card in the most stress-free manner possible.