Our products

We at Your Company take a great deal of pride in being the premium suppliers of high quality Medical Marijuana and associated products in Arizona. Our retail outlets are safe, secure, and always protect your confidentiality.

Due to the natural resistance of the cannabis plant to insects, molds, and other nasty things that affect crops, our facilities where we raise our cultivars are insecticide and pesticide free. This assures that you will not be exposed to deleterious and unnecessary chemicals.

If we don't make it ourselves, we still take our responsibility very seriously and only accept medicines and merchandise from producers that are as dedicated to high quality and product consistency as we are.

Our responsibility

With THC products dosing is vitally important. We always make sure that dosing is clearly marked. Our professional staff members are always happy to offer instruction and thoroughly explain anything that isn't perfectly clear to you. Your health is our number one priority.

Our promises

  1. We will only sell quality products
  2. We will always freely offer our expertise to patients
  3. We will supply a wide variety so that you can always get the best strain for treating your particular condition
  4. We will protect your personal information
  5. Your health comes first!

Your responsibility

You are required by law to possess a Medical Marijuana Card and the approval of a certified physician in order to use our facilities. If you need help in obtaining the state Medical Marijuana Card our staff will be pleased to assist you by directing you to a supportive community physician, as well as helping to explain the currently prevailing state laws for medical marijuana use.

Feel free to drop by during business hours. We would love to meet you.